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Murs - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, from from 17/03/2021
« Ces murs disent des histoires tristes. Un passé glorieux, industriel, impérial parfois, religieux ; ils sont abandonnés des hommes, des ouvriers, des prêtres ; ils sont en fuite et tentent de disparaître. Mais comment ? La pierre, le béton, la brique résistent. Les intempéries agissent en douceur, prennent leur temps et opèrent pour un travail de sape. Ces photographies sont l'hommage que je leur fais. Le geste, certes, peut sembler dérisoire. Mais la tentative, avant qu'ils ne s'écroulent, de leur rendre un peu de leur panache, ne saurait être vaine. » Sophie Bassouls, mai 2012


Les Soeurs de la Perpétuelle Indulgence

Marie du 1er arrondissement - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, from 25/11/2019 to 29/11/2019


Chinois de Paris

Mairie du 10e arrondissement - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, from 06/07/2016 to 27/08/2016


Désirs d'ici, amours de Chine

Galerie Area - Paris, France

Group Exposition, from 16/01/2015 to 21/01/2015


Chez Les Libraires Associés

Les écrivains de Sophie Bassouls

Chez Les Libraires Associés - Paris 18ème, France

Individual Exposition, from 16/05/2013 to 13/07/2013
(Portraits, 1967-1997). From the 16th of May till the 13th of July 2013. Opening the 15th of May from 6:30 pm.


Couples d'artistes

Le couple réinventé

Mairie du 10° - Paris, France

Group Exposition, from 04/11/2012 to 15/12/2012
Artist couples. Isn'’t the couple above all a mathematical concept? Something established from the association of two identical, or nearly identical, elements. Love story or not, the couple is the story of the equation 2=1, or 1+1=1, an equation that gives birth to something new—often life—or, in the case of art, emotion. This exhibition, presented by Area within the 10th district city hall of Paris, does not dwell on the question of photographic representations of couples, but focuses instead on the driving force behind this connection: an attraction, a magnetic pull…...

Emmanuel Carrère, 1993

Des visages et des mots

Médiathèque des Chartreux - Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Individual Exposition, from 06/03/2012 to 01/04/2012
On the occasion of French Language Week, the Mediatheque des Chartreux in Issy-les-Molineaux presents the exhibition “Words and Faces” by photographer Sophie Bassouls, who has taken portraits of more than 3,000 authors in her career, bearing witness to the richness of literary life in the last decades.


Acter l'art, Act up 20 ans

Université Paris Diderot - Paris, France

Group Exposition, from 30/11/2009 to 15/12/2009
The evening of November 30th 2009, Act Up Paris, in partnership with Diderot University Paris, will take over the exhibition hall of the Grands Moulins building with its exhibition ACTIVE ART, whose chief ambition is to display different artists’ reactions to the AIDS crisis.


NC - Ankara, Turquie

Individual Exposition, 2009
In 2005, a French photographer discovers Istanbul. Each year afterwards, she returns and takes photos of her walks around the city and the Bosporus straits. Enchanted by the city, she finds her imagination permeated with impressions she has gathered.


NC - Izmir, Turquie

Individual Exposition, 2009


MKM Sanat Galerisi - Istanbul, Turquie

Individual Exposition, 2009


Nus et or

Galerie Espace des femmes - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, from 06/11/2008 to 08/01/2009
“Nudes and Gold” by Sophie Bassouls. 21 prints, paint on gold (65x85) accompanied by seven poems by Alina Reyes (from November 6th to January 8th, 2009), Espace-Galerie des Femmes, 35 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris

Giallo di Napoli

Castel dell'Ovo - Naples, Italie

Individual Exposition, 2008
"When Naples manages to calm its anxieties, chase away its fears, soothe its clamor and cries, She dreams of immense silent spaces, sand, a gate opened towards Africa. She invents Giallo di Napoli, all sweetness, She believes herself to be innocent, She awaits rest… but will it come?" Sophie Bassouls


Antjie Krog, 2005

Writers: South Africa

Alliance Française - Cape Town, France

Individual Exposition, 2007
Odidi! Productions, Maison de Panel, Sophie Bassouls In association with Cape Film Commission & ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DU CAP Presents


Françoise Mallet-Joris, 1999

Comment lisent les Goncourt ?

Festival littéraire de Savennière - Savennières, France

Individual Exposition, 2006


Sous les arbres, à l'ombre du boulevard

Galerie La Réserve - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, 2005
Preview of artist’s book: “Beneath the trees, in the shadow of the boulevard” –Sophie Bassouls / Benjamin Lévesque, Eudes Panel – and exhibition of original photos taken by Sophie Bassouls during the creation of the book. For this occasion, Sophie Bassouls, will set up her first “Free Access Photo Studio”.


Daniel Boulanger, 1978

Noms de plume

The French Institute Dublin Dublin - Dublin, Irlande

Individual Exposition, 2004

American Writers

Festival America Vincennes - Vincennes, France

Individual Exposition, 2004


Écrivains hors textes, 666 photos

Grand théâtre d'Angers - Angers, France

Individual Exposition, 2003
"Writers beyond their texts", 666 photographs by Sophie Bassouls. "I would like to imbue these photographs with something that might resemble the pleasure of riding."

Alberto Moravia, 1983

Visages d'écrivains européens

NC - Nice, France

Individual Exposition, 2003


Naguib Mahfouz, 2002

Écrivains d'Egypte et de France

Institut français Le Caire - Le Caire, Égypte

Individual Exposition, 2002
From Paul Fournel (see also the San Francisco Expo April 2000) "At the end of January 2002, we started in Egypt again. ‘Always starts a winning formula’, that’s one of the rules of cultural movements".

Gunter Grass, 1995

Écrivains allemands et français

Institut français Mayence - Mayence, Allemagne

Individual Exposition, 2002


Écrivains hors textes, 666 photos

Bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, 2001


Librairie Privat - Toulouse, France

Individual Exposition, 2001

Sob Influência, Bibliografia escritores

Biblioteca municipal Almeida Garrett - Porto, Portugal

Individual Exposition, 2001


Paul Auster, 1980

American Writers in Paris

French Institute - Alliance Française - San Fransisco, États-unis

Individual Exposition, 2000
By Paul Fournel. "In April 2000, Sophie Bassouls came to San Francisco. At the time I was directing the French Institute, a charming place on Bush Street with a multimedia library whose collection had just been refurbished (by volunteers, rest assured).)"

William Burroughs, 1974

American Writers in Paris

Goldwasser Rare Books - New York, États-unis

Individual Exposition, 2000


Les Mannequins

Institut français - Naples, Italie

Individual Exposition, 1996
"Sophie Bassouls went from window to window – often at night – on fashionable streets in hip areas to photograph wax mannequins. The idea itself is beautiful."


Institut français - Naples, Italie

Group Exposition, 1996
Putting your own body on display, do you consider this an act of vanity? "It’s an act of serenity. If you don’t have a problem with displaying yourself, if you show yourself, it means you have nothing to hide, there’s nothing reprehensible about that." Tinto Brass

Doris Lessing, 1992


Fnac Les Halles - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, 1996


Italo Calvino, 1974

Le Tour du monde en 80 écrivains

NC - Naples, Italie

Individual Exposition, 1995

James Baldwin, 1972

Le Tour du monde en 80 écrivains

NC - Bari, Italie

Individual Exposition, 1995

Hugo Pratt, 1981

Le Tour du monde en 80 écrivains

NC - Bologne, Italie

Individual Exposition, 1995



Bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, 1990
« Is it me? Or not really me? What does it matter? An interesting photo is the mark that distinguishes, thanks to who’s guiding the lens, between one self and another. A novel, a sculpture taken in an instant, recalling a dramatic moment. We see this character who shares my name, by turns relaxed, despondent, old, young, concerned, dreaming, calm, tired, leaving, returning, laughing, showing off, a little present and a little absent… »


Marguerite Yourcenar, 1979

Les Écrivains

Galerie de photographie du hall du livre - Nancy, France

Individual Exposition, 1987

Les Écrivains

Palexpo, 1er salon du livre - Genève, Suisse

Individual Exposition, 1987


René Barjavel, 1969

Les Écrivains

Salon du livre - Paris, France

Individual Exposition, 1983

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